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2023-06-05, 02:37

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Learning Arena

Startet av Gd_girl, 2021-09-14, 10:29

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Takedown + capture workshop would be awesome! Might be difficult to arrange before the year's end, but maybe in January to get 2022 off to a wicked start? ;)


Hadde vært gøy om vi kunne fått til en spanking workshop. Gjennnomgang av ulike redskaper. Bruks områder. Kropp og farer.


Here in SMB we have many long standing members who are knowledgable and skilled in various areas of BDSM. We love to share what we know to everyone and anyone wanting to learn. The question I ask is "How do you want to learn? and "What would you like to learn?" Once again, please voice your thoughts and opinions. Vote on how you'd like to learn and comment below (or PM) on what topics you'd like to see be addressed. Your voice matters. 
(>=^_^=)> connection. communication. consent. <(=^_^=<)